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Chairman's message

Chairman of the Board of Directors of AK BARS Bank
Valery Sorokin

Chairman of the Board of Directors
of AK BARS Bank
Valery Sorokin

Dear shareholders, partners and clients!

AK BARS Bank consistently follows its planned path of strategic development; expands the business within the Republic of Tatarstan; and increases its market share in other Russian regions. Taking into account the actual situation in the Bank market, its competitive advantages and resource capabilities, and focusing on the best practices of Russian and international banks, AK BARS Bank is working to improve its commercial performance. Adhering to the customer-oriented approach when doing business, the Bank develops new sales channels in the region of its presence; applies international standards of corporate governance; and advances to the whole new level of customer service.

When introducing advanced Bank technology, AK BARS Bank stocks to the traditional corporate values such as professionalism, responsibility and transparency. The Bank strengthens its reputation in domestic and international business communities by following the principles of corporate social responsibility. Each year, the Bank allocates funds to support socially important regional projects, public organizations and charity funds.

The well-targeted development strategy; the unique knowledge and experience; the fruitful teamwork of professionals; and the focus on results make us confident and optimistic about the future. I would like to thank you, dear partners, for the fruitful cooperation, your support and trust.

Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC AK BARS BANK
Robert Minnegaliev

Kindest regards,
Chairman of the Management Board of
Robert Minnegaliev

Dear shareholders, partners and customers of the Bank!

Today, when competition in the financial markets is tough, AK BARS Bank continues to improve its economic performance: accumulate assets, capital, resource base and clientele; develop the branch network; and increase return on assets. Execution of these priority areas lets AK BARS Bank be one of twenty largest Russian banks.

The position of a leading credit institution in the country is also confirmed by the unique experience of introduction of advanced Bank technology. As a General Partner of the 27th World Summer Universiade in Kazan, the Bank implemented a range of innovation projects for the first time, including multiservice cards with a one-touch payment feature MasterCard PayPass®. This Bank product became the key component for the creation of a modern payment infrastructure in Kazan which provides convenient, secure and quick cashless payment.

AK BARS Bank manages to achieve great results thanks to the carefully plotted development strategy, out-of-the-box solutions and initiatives, daily painstaking work, and your all-round support, dear shareholders, partners and clients. I express my appreciation for your feedback and cooperation and hope that 2014 will be full of promising projects and new accomplishments!


1 Dekabristov st, 420066, Kazan, Russia

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