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International Operations

Joint Stock Commercial Bank AK BARS offers favourable terms and conditions for raising international facilities from foreign banks for the financing of its clients' short-term projects. Facilities are attracted both for general purposes, and for the financing of a wide variety of its clients' short-term commercial transactions.

Short-term international trade financing is a loan issued, or a credit line set by a foreign , to a Russian importer/exporter, or to a bank, for the financing of its clients'  international trade contracts.

Types of short-term financing:

  • L/C with post-financing;
  • discounting of L/Cs with deferred payments;
  • tied loans refinanced by foreign credit institutions.

Short-term trade financing from AK BARS Bank includes:

  • optimal low costs;  extensive network of correspondent banks offering financing;
  • choice of the optimal method of contract payments;
  • opportunity to defer payment for up to 2 years;
  • the possibility of risk  minimisation  in cases of non-payment or non-delivery.


  • The period of the company or a business group's (several companies under one owner) genuine operation in its field of business should be not less than 3 years.
  • Break-even business for the last 4 quarters.
  • Absence of overdue commitments to appropriated or off-budget funds.

Handling  procedures

  1. Importer addresses the Bank with an application for financing of foreign trade contract for export of goods/services out of Russian Federation.
  2. Importer delivers package of documents to the Bank.
  3. Credit Committee of the Bank makes a decision concerning financing of the project.
  4. In the case of the Credit Committee of AK BARS Bank and the Credit Committee of a foreign bank approving the financing for the project, all the  required documents between the Importer and AK BARS Bank are signed.

Required documents

  1. Financial statements for the enterprise for the last 3 years under review (audited statements if any);
  2. Copy of foreign trade contract;
  3. Information on the types of security guaranteeing the refund of loan facilities;
  4. Other documents at the Bank’s request.

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