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Tariffs and conditions for opening and handling of accounts in hard currencies

General Conditions

  1. This Commission Rate Table establishes the amounts and rates charged by AK BARS BANK OJSC (hereinafter, the Bank) for settlement and cash services, international documentary operations and trade financing, as well as additional services undertaken by the Bank under respective agreements concluded with legal entities and persons, both individual entrepreneurs and persons working in the private sector in employment legal established under the laws of the Russian Federation.
  2. Rates on this Commission Rate Table will be applied solely to operations carried out under normal conditions. Operations related to additional (other than normal) operations will incur an additional payment based on the actual costs incurred.
  3. The Bank reserves the right to unilaterally issue new Commission Rate Tables and to introduce modifications and additions to the existing Commission Rate Table. The Client will be notified of decisions regarding modifications of the Commission Rate Table by the distribution of such information in the customer service area of the Bank when providing service to the Client, or by other means.
  4. The total commission for the provision of services will be charged without prior notification against the current account (ruble or foreign currency) of the Client, unless otherwise arranged by agreement between the Bank and the Client or under this Commission Rate Table. If it is necessary to recalculate commissions in other currencies, the cross rate for the Russian ruble at the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date that the commission is charged will be used.
  5. The Bank assumes no liability for mistakes or incorrect or ambiguous interpretations that may arise from handwritten completion of blank forms or from the use of forms other than those approved by the Bank.
  6. Additional commissions of corresponding banks and other unforeseen expenses, should they occur, will be charged at the amount of the actual costs incurred as a component part of the cost of the services of the Bank.
  7. The total commission for each operation will be rounded to the second decimal figure of the value:
    • increased if the figure to the thousandth is greater than or equal to 5;
    • decreased if the figure to the thousandth is less than five.
  8. The current exchange rate of the Bank for foreign exchange operations is determined based on the rate of exchange applicable in the Bank market on the date that the operations are completed, and confirmed by the Bank.
  9. The Bank has the right to refuse to undertake operations for the Client if the funds remaining in his account are insufficient to pay the commission to the Bank (based on the Commission Rate Table) or for carrying out the operation itself.
  10. The commission withheld by the Bank is not subject to refund, with the exception of commission mistakenly withheld.

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