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AK BARS Bank - social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility plays an extremely important role in the current era of the knowledge economy. AK BARS Bank is involved in, and committed to, many social and charitable programmes. Annually Bank implements а lot of projects aimed at supporting seriously ill children, education, sports and the culture of the Republic of Tatarstan, and Russia in general.

Assistance to disabled children, and children in difficult life situations

The children’s charity programs at AK BARS Bank are run jointly with the AK BARS SOZIDANIE Charity Fund. Their aim is to support disabled children, those without parental support, and those living in orphanages.

Medical care is also supported by the Bank, particularly in the widespread fields of oncology, Musculoskeletal System Disorders and Cerebral Spastic Infantile Paralysis.

Assistance for children’s social institutions

Yelabuga Orphanage has been under the patronage of AK BARS Bank for several years. 

It cares for 14 children aged between 5 and 18. AK BARS Bank and the AK BARS SOZIDANIE Charity Fund provides continued financial support to this orphanage.

Social protection for the elderly and the disabled

Retired people, and people with disabilities, are special categories which require social support. AK BARS Bank regularly provides charitable aid to six sponsored institutions, which are supervised by the Nizhnekamsk Branch of AK BARS Bank: the City Veterans Home; the Boarding School for Deaf Children ; the Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children.

Textbooks for Year 1

One of the traditional education support programmers of AK BARS Bank is a gift for every Year 1 child in Tatarstan on Knowledge Day. Every year the Bank publishes textbooks for learning the two official languages of the Republic of Tatarstan. In 2014, over 49,000 children in Year 1 in Tatarstan, and some Russian regions, received a book named ‘Barsik and the book of knowledge, along with a computer game.

Sports and healthy lifestyle support

The Bank runs long-term sponsorship projects and is currently sponsoring BC UNICSbasketball club , Rubin Kazan FC,and the women’s volleyball club Dinamo-Kazan.

AK BARS Bank also contributes to the development of international sports. In 2011, the Bank acquired the status of the General Partner of the 27th World Summer Universiade in Kazan, the Official Bank, and the Official Provider of Bank Services to the Games.

Support of exceptional children and young ‘Top 50 Innovative Ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan’

The contest „Top 50 Innovative Ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan“ holds a very special place in the Bank’s social policy’s priority projects to support young talented people in Tatarstan. This annual competition aims to encourage young scientists, inventors, engineers, technicians, graduates and students to perform innovation-oriented fundamental research.

Scholarship Programme

The AK BARS Bank‘Personalised Scholarship Programme’ was launched in 2004. Since 2008, the competition has been held on a federal scale to attract students, not only from the Republic of Tatarstan, but also from the leading universities of Russia. The scholarship is awarded for considerable achievements in studies over the course of one academic year.

‘Open University’

The ‘Open University’ programme aims to train Final Year students at KFU, and subsequently employ these professionals in the following AK BARS Bank Departments: Lending, Risk Analysis, Bank Technology, and Compliance Control.

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